Established in 1989, CSF of B-G-M Dollars for Scholars is a community-based foundation working to provide supplemental funds for B-G-M high school graduates who wish to further their education and preschool students just starting their education experience. The organization is a local chapter of the national non-profit organization Scholarship America. Volunteer, non-salaried school district citizens operate our tax-exempted 501(c)(3) organization. 

The purpose of the local chapter is to expand the educational opportunities for B-G-M students. C-S-F of B-G-M functions are to: develop an operational structure to promote the Dollars for Scholars program, raise funds for scholarship distribution, and award our scholarships in a fair, non-discriminatory basis.

The organization believes that all students who are sincerely determined, whether average or above average, have a right to continue their education after graduation. Any graduating senior of B-G-M Schools may apply and all those applying in a timely manner will be awarded a scholarship.

We have been recognized as being one of
the outstanding chapters in the Nation! 
CSF of B-G-M Dollars for Scholars and its volunteers have received the following awards:     

Golden Tassel Award for best chapter in the United States in 1997 The Golden Tassel Chapter Service Award was established in 1996 to recognize chapters that have performed outstanding service to their communities. Two awards are presented every year, one to a chapter in existence for four or more years and the other to a chapter in existence for three years or less.

Two National Honor Roll Members - J.C. Miller and Dorothea Hicks

Founder's Award in 2000  CSF of B-G-M President J.C. Miller has been honored by Scholarship America by presenting him with their annual Founder's Award. The Award, the 4th to be presented since its inception, was given to J.C. on October 13, 2000. This award was bestowed upon J.C. by the National Board of Trustees of Scholarship America and excuted by the President of Scholarship America.