Rachel King - BGM Class of 2013     
"After high school, I decided to go to Clarke University as a Pre-Physical Therapy/Psychology major. After my freshman year of college, I decided to drop the Pre-PT part and just major in Psychology. I am very happy with my major and plan on going on to graduate school to receive my master's. The hardest adjustment I had with going to college was being away from my family and learning how to manage my time, but after being at school for a year I became accustomed to everything. The thing I have enjoyed about college is getting to meet so many new people. It is something that helped me come out of my shell and make so many friends. Any advice I would give to those who plan on attending college would be to go outside of your comfort zone and meet lots of new people, even if you are the first one to say something, and even if you feel like you do not like college in the beginning, it only goes up from there so stay for the ride. I would also like to say that without the people who have donated to the CSF of BGM scholarship foundation, I would not be where I am today. They truly helped me with achieving my education by the generous scholarships, so I thank them greatly!"

   Abbie DeWitte - BGM Class of 2014     
"After high school I decided to attend Iowa State University. I went into college as an undecided major, but after taking a few Criminal Justice classes I decided to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice as well as joining the Pre-Law program at Iowa State. It's crazy that I am already a junior in college, it seems like just yesterday I was playing volleyball with the best teammates and cheering on the boys under the lights every Friday night.
The past two years have been some of the most challenging, exciting, and eye opening years of my life. One of my favorite experiences I had with Iowa State was through the National Student Exchange program. This program enables Iowa State students to take classes over fifty different campuses within the United States. I chose to go to the University of Hawaii at Hilo. Through this experience, I learned about new culture, made lifelong friends, and learned a lot about life in general since I was 4,000 miles away from home.
I am greatly appreciative of the scholarships I received from BGM Dollars for Scholars. The scholarships have helped me chase after my dreams and for that I feel truly blessed and grateful."

    Brielle Lang - BGM Class of 2014     
"My name is Brielle Lang. I graduated from B-G-M High School in 2014 and now attend Nebraska Christian College in Omaha, NE. I am a Worship Arts major (church music), third year senior, and am spending my last year of college online while doing a residency program in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  It's awesome. I love where God has taken me. But three years ago, I would've never imagined that I'd end up where I am today.
Like most every college student, I went through phases of contemplating my major, trying to make new friends in a new place, having a negative balance in my bank account, and experienced the best and worst of college cafeteria food. (Note: if you're excited to stop eating high school cafeteria food, don't get your hopes up too high.)
The truth is, I wouldn't have been able to push forward through these challenges if it wasn't for the people and the place who raised me. B-G-M taught me to be a hard worker, strive to be the me I can be, and to enjoy every moment of it. Thanks to support of family and friends, I am on my way to receiving my dream major, marrying the man of my dreams, (with little debt), and living life to the fullest."

    Alyssa James - BGM Class of 2015     
"After graduating from high school in 2015, I decided to attend Iowa State University to major in Kinesiology with a pre-physical therapy option. After my four years at ISU, I hope to attend medical school to get my Doctorate of Physical Therapy. When I first came to Iowa State, I was a pre-athletic training major. After some job shadowing, I decided to change my major. It was a hard decision but I am glad I decided to switch. The hardest adjustment I have had in college was trying to figure out how to study, do homework, work, exercise, sleep, eat, and hangout with friends, all while trying to keep my grades up. However, going to BGM and being involved in everything they had to offer helped the adjustment to the intensity of college life a little easier. I have me so many people and made quite a few friends here at Iowa State.  My favorite part about college is being able to study and learn about something I am interested in and being in class with people with similar goals as me. It is crazy to me that I have graduated from BGM two years ago but that does not change how grateful I am for all of the support and opportunities BGM has given me, including the CSF foundation. CSF has helped me to continue to pursue my dreams of becoming a physical therapist and I cannot thank everyone enough."

      Alex Kline - BGM Class of 2015     
"After high school I decided to attend the University of Dubuque. I wanted to go somewhere not too close to home and not too far away from home. I knew I didn't want to go to a state college. I wanted to go somewhere I would feel at home. The University of Dubuque has a small campus and small class room sizes. The professors are very helpful and friendly. After coming here, I knew I made the right choice. I have met many people from all different backgrounds and made friendships to last a lifetime. I came in as an undecided major. Going in undecided allowed me to look at all my options and find out what I really wanted to major in. It is my second year and I am leaning towards Human Resource Management. Being away from home is hard, but it also go me out of my element and has allowed me to grow as a person.  I have gotten involved in many different groups on campus. Being in various groups has also allowed me to stay involved with things happening around campus. The advice I will give to students entering college is get involved. I would like to thank my parents for always supporting and believing in me. I would also like to thank the CSF of BGM scholarship foundation, without the people who donate I would not be where I am today."