How are Scholarships Awarded?  CSF of B-G-M Dollars for Scholars recipients are determined by a local awards committee made up of CSF of B-G-M Dollars for Scholars board members. Each application is scored anonymously.

What type of awards are given? Each scholarship award is given as a grant with no repayment required. When students complete or discontinue their education, the recipients are encouraged to 'give back' to help perpetuate the fund.

We also have a second chance loan program to assist non-traditional students that are graduates of BGM or current residents of the district to further their post-secondary education. Please contact us for further information on this program.

There are also preschool scholarships awarded each year to reduce the cost of tuition.

Will a scholarship from CSF of B-G-M Dollars for Scholars conflict with other scholarships or my financial aid? No, CSF of B-G-M Dollars for Scholars is an active participant of the Scholarship America Dollars for Scholars program which works with post-secondary institutions to make sure our awards do not reduce your financial aid. Most post-secondary institutions in Iowa are part of this agreement. Some schools will even award a 'matching grant' to supplement our award. A single application process is used for all available awards. Certain scholarships may have specific criteria for awarding the scholarship.

Does the applicant have the choice of post-secondary institutions? Yes, unlike some scholarships, CSF of B-G-M Dollars for Scholars scholarships are available for use at any accredited post-secondary institution, recognized by the United States Department of Education.