Lyle Oswood     
Lyle Oswood has dedicated a lot of time to CSF of B-G-M Dollars for Scholars, being one of the founding members of the orginization and still serving on the board today in 2015.  Lyle was privileged to be the first publicity chair for CSF, writing articles each week for the local newspapers.  He was promoted to Vice President for several years under the leadership and guidance of our Brooklyn founder, JC Miller, long time President and mentor.  Lyle then filled the position of Investment Chairperson, which is the position he still holds.
"My personal life-long goal has been to work with young people and assist them with their problems with encouragement and advice to obtain their goals.  CSF of BGM is certainly a vehicle that promotes my goals," states Lyle. 
Lyle graduated from a small high school, then attended the University of Northern Iowa and obtained a teaching degree in Business Education and a minor in Driver Education.  He then went on to obtain his Masters Degree from Truman State University in Guidance and Counseling.  As a further benefit of teaching at BGM, Lyle met and married his helpmate, Jean Hilleman, who was the "other half" of the BGM Business Department.  The couple was blessed with the birth of their daugthers, Natalie and Stacie, who are now both teachers at BGM as well.  When Natalie graduated from BGM, CSF was just being talked about, but Stacie benefited with a small scholarship award the following year.
Adding to Lyle's life-goal fullfillment of helping students include 14 years as a Kid's Club volunteer, Scoutmaster in Brooklyn, helping construct Oswood Park in South Brooklyn, Sunday School teacher, UMYF leader, Confirmation instructor, a 50 year member of the Methodist Church serving as chairperson of the Administrator Board for the church for several years.  "Added together, I have experienced a great Christian life.  I count my years as a member of CSF of BGM as one of the pentacles of my goals in life and I thank the many former students and community members for their help in providing this service to our students," says Lyle.
Lyle says that as he approaches the age of 80, he continues to pursue his goals.  He enjoys his wonderful family, his church, and his many friends in this industrious community.  Lyle's hobbies include many sport activities of his grandkids and adopted grandkids.
Lyle would also like to add "College costs continue to rise (approximately $35,000 per year) so please continue to contribute generously to CSF of BGM.  Each donation you give is guaranteed to help someone attain further education!"
Thank you, Lyle, for all of your years of service to CSF of B-G-M Dollars for Scholars and everything you do for our community!